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Frozen Light Photography takes you on a trip around Europe and beyond. But the main idea behind this site, and indeed behind all my photography, is that it is not necessary to travel to exotic places to find interesting images. Life is all around us, and there are things to see and to capture on film or on a sensor everywhere. The more I look at my own and others' work, the more convinced I am that the best images are produced close to home, or in places which the photographer knows so well that they have in effect become second homes.

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W2W9751 W2W0653 W2W0954

Waterloo market, 2007

Amsterdam spring, 2007

Copenhagen weekend, 2007

Rotterdam walk, 2007

Queen's Day, 2007

W2W1083 W2W1516 item6

Southern Friesland, 2007

Lochristi (Flanders), 2007

Hilversum Live 2007

Fotofestival Naarden, 2007

Alicante 2007

item9 A201028
W2W2660 W2W2870

A day out with Monica

Barcelona Oct. 2007

Alicante 2007 (II)

Tongeren 2007

Guadalest Oct. 2007

item11 item12 item14 item13

Tabarca Nov. 2007

Maastricht 2008

Bath 2007-2008

Semana Santa 2008

Denmark Spring 2008

item15 item17 item17a
item16 item15a

London Spring 2008

Perpignan September 2008

Poland Dec 2008 - Jan 2009

Berlin August 2008

Berlin December 2008

L1001975 L1003469 L1004682
L1002112 L1004166

Brussels February 2009

London May 2009

Brussels markets Feb 2009

Granada April 2009

Copenhagen April 2009

L1007334 L1007930
L1005772 L1005946 L1006454

Warsaw June 2009


Calpe Oktoberfest 2009

Warsaw July 2009

Perpignan September 2009

Sitges/Barcelona August 2009

L1008457 P1010182 item18 L1000644 L1001434

Århus November 2009

Copenhagen April 2010

Bath February 2010

Paris March 2010

Andalucía December 2009

item19 item20 L1002005 L1002251 L1002516

Boston May 2010

New York May 2010

Scotland June 2010

Switzerland August 2010

Berlin September 2010

L1004115 L1004876
item21 IGP1114 L1005263

Tokyo December 2010

Puerto Rico 2010-2011

Denmark April 2011

San Francisco May 2011

Seville June 2011

L1005467 L1005626 IGP2217
TriX201112008 L1005885

Texel June 2011

Switzerland July 2011

Madrid July 2011

Aarhus August 2011

Brussels September 2011

L1006328 L1006693 IGP4156
IGP3162 L1006173

Taipei October 2011

Copenhagen November 2011

Cornwall November 2011

Wrocław January 2012

Munich February 2012

IGP5613 item22 L1008895

Copenhagen April 2012

Trento May 2012

California August/September 2012

Samsø, Denmark November 2012

Barcelona, January 2013

IGP6896 item23 DSF3365 IGP7525

Bath, July 2013

Cruising Italy, August 2013

Munich winter, January 2013

Brussels spring, April 2013

Jutland, June 2013

IGP7773 L1009814

Marseille, August 2013

Madrid, August 2013

Cardiff, August 2013

Barcelona, September 2013

Madrid, October 2013

DSF5187 DSF5978
DSF4420 DSF4849

Strasbourg, November 2013

Seoul, December 2013

Wrocław, January 2014

Maastricht, March 2014

Malta, October 2013

DSF6923 item24 DSF8091

London, June 2014

Cycling in Denmark, July 2014

Chicago, August 2014

Buffalo, August 2014

Paris, May 2014

DSF8373 DSF8721 DSF5084

New York, August 2014

Toledo, October 2014

Liverpool, November 2014

London, March 2015

Geneva, March 2015

DSF7002 item27 DSF7257

Riga, April 2015

Copenhagen, April 2015

Sculpture by the Sea, Århus, June 2015

Montreal, August 2015

A drive to Berlin, June 2015

DSF7470 DSF7823 DSF7899 DSF8164 DSF8266

Scotland, September 2015

Vienna, November 2015

Washington, August 2015

North Wales, September 2015

Wrocław, October 2015

DSF3 DSF9703
DSF2 DSF9764 DSF0031

North Wales, November 2015

Maastricht, April 2016

Amsterdam, April 2016

Rotterdam, April 2016

Chester, November 2015

DSF0212 DSF0368 DSF0584

Aarhus, April-May 2016

Madrid, May 2016

Copenhagen, April 2016


Munich, May 2016


The making of a paella, June 2016

TMAX40020164026 Acros20166013 DSF1936 DSF1987 TMax40020161229

Le Mans, July 2016

Sitges, August 2016

Siurana, August 2016

French countryside, July 2016

Sitges on film, August 2016

DSF3227 L1013014
DSF2097 DSF2306 DSF2841

Wales, September 2016

Oxford, September 2016

Gibraltar, October 2016

Louisiana, November 2016

Padova, November 2016

DSF0967 R001570
R000806 DSF1092

Milano, December 2016

Centre Belge de la Bande Desinée, February 2017

Malta, February 2017

Paris, March 2017

Brussels, March 2017

DSF2133 DSF2957 DSF3305

Mallorca, April 2017

Copenhagen, April 2017

Brussels, June 2017

Berlin, June 2017

Wrocław, June 2017

DSF3628 DSF4013 DSF4216 DSF0076 DSF0732

Aarhus, August 2017

Bordeaux, September 2017

Brussels, December 2017

Sofia, February 2018

Munich, July 2017

DSF5113 R003651 DSF1601 DSF1891 DSF2014

Brussels, April 2018

Copenhagen, April 2018

Aarhus, May 2018

Sofia, June 2018

Warsaw, June 2018

DSF2739 DSF2767 DSF2856
DSF2091 DSF2179

Wroclaw, June 2018

Munich, June-July 2018

Lublin, August 2018

Krynica, September 2018

Rzeszów and SE Poland, August 2018

DSF2952 DSF3268 DSF3430 DSF3492 DSF6332

Valencia, January 2019

Kraków, September 2018

Denmark, November 2018

Warsaw, November 2018

Madrid, December 2018

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